Calzy Care Kits

Our #CalzyCareKits came out of talking with our friends on the streets of London as we handed out hot food on our Wednesday evening homeless outreach with @PintGiving charity.

It was clear that, along with a hot meal they wanted to retain an element of self respect. Things like toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant and fresh wipes, new underwear and socks were requested. This led us to developing our #CalzyCareKits – for women and men.

Men asked spray deodorants while women preferred roll-on, soft bristle toothbrushes and small tubes of toothpaste, mouth wash for those with few or no teeth and small sachets of shampoo. We have partnered with a wonderful company called ‘Fresh Wipes’ who regularly donate boxes of their plastic-free, unscented body wipes. We add extras depending on the season – lip balm for cold winter months and small tubes of sunscreen for summer. Many of the ladies on the street also like Panty Liners, nail files, nail clippers and hand cream. All these essentials come in a lightweight waterproof bag to help them keep everything together and to prevent leakage onto clothing or sleeping bags. We also keep money back for oyster cards for those needing to get to work, meetings or move around, tents and sleeping bags and vouchers for hot drinks from well known high street cafes so they can buy their own drinks when it suits them.

We have spent 3 years on the streets of London every Wednesday and seeing people regularly we developed trust with our friends on the streets who have given us amazing feedback on our #CalzyCareKits and additional items. Many are suffering trauma / PTSD or on the streets to get away from domestic abuse or violence and some developed addiction, so an opportunity to start their day fresh and clean helps in some small way to support their self-esteem, well-being and self-care.

We’ve handed out nearly 300 #CalzyCareKits – including some sent to the Brighton Clock Tower Sanctuary Charity for young people 18 – 25 and an Enfield Homeless Charity – ‘ All People All Places ‘.

We may not be giving them a home but we hope to give them a moment of normality and self respect.

40% of profits from the sale of our Calzy Vision clothing range enables us to continue to provide just that little bit of self-esteem, pride and a fresh start to the day for those on the streets of our cities and towns in the UK, the vision Cal felt very strongly about!

If you know someone living on the streets in your area who would benefit from receiving a Calzy Care Kit we would love to send you one for free – please contact us here we